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Cash Donations

Have you been given a cash donation? You can process this two ways. Either fill out a printed donation form and attach a personal check with the donation amount, or make a donation online using your credit card equal to the cash donation you received. The donor will receive a tax receipt via email or mail, according to whatever information you give in the form.

Let’s be clear. You don’t have to be rich to participate in The Ride to Conquer Cancer.  And you don’t have to be an athlete.  Whether you’re 25 or 75, a fitness freak or couch potato, a banker or barista, you can absolutely do this.  With our support you will not only be able to raise an incredible amount of money for cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment, but also be completely ready to cycle the most meaningful journey of your life. Cyclists are required to raise a minimum of $2,500 in donations. We know that sounds a bit intimidating. However, most of you are going to be surprised at how quickly the donations add up once you put your heart, creativity, and commitment into the effort.

The funds you raise through The Ride to Conquer Cancer will generate the support necessary  to ensure that everyone in our community who needs cancer care will find the help they need at Norton Cancer  Institute. Whether this is your first time fundraising, or you’re an old pro, we’ll help you reach and exceed your goals because we’re out to beat cancer together.  Once you sign up for The Ride, you’ll receive a Ride Manual where you’ll learn how to ask for donations and how to keep track of your fundraising progress.  You’ll also have your very own personal webpage right here on this website where you can post your photo, tell your story, and then email the link to the page to your donors so they can donate straight to you online!  Once you are a Rider, we’ll give you all the tools you need and we’ll be there for you the whole way. That’s our promise. 

The key is getting started if you haven't already. We are extremely pleased when participants tell us they are striving to exceed the minimum fundraising requirement. More money raised translates directly into more funds necessary to ensure that everyone in our community who needs cancer care will find the help they need at Norton Cancer Institute.

Here are some fundraising tools to get you started:
1. Set Your Goals High
2. Creating Your List of Potential Donors
3. Your Personal Page
4. Company Donation Matching Programs
5. Hometown Press Release
6. Expanding Your Giving Circle
7. Follow Up
8. Donations Deadline 

Set Your Goals High
The minimum fundraising requirement is $2,500. This does not have to be the ceiling for your personal goal as the average participant raises much more than that. Think of fundraising as a personal challenge but also as a part of the adventure. What will your fundraising goal be? Double the minimum? Triple? If you have never raised money before (or even if you have), it is probably a little frightening. Rest assured, most people feel the same way! The good news is that there are many different ways to fundraise. And remember, you are not asking people to fund a new car or an exotic vacation. You are asking for money to help provide critical cancer programs.

2. Creating Your List of Potential Donors

Sit down with a piece of paper and write down the names of all of the people in your life. Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers. Go through your address book. Include your doctor, auto mechanic, relatives, golf buddies, former classmates, everybody you do business with, your dry cleaner, everyone you talk to at your office or place of worship. Think about any people who’ve asked you for money for a charity before and put them on the list. Don’t leave anyone out. So many people have been affected by cancer and are looking for an opportunity like this to support this cause. Next to each name on your list, write the method by which you will contact this person for a donation. The options are a face-to-face meeting, an email from your Personal Page, a fundraising letter, and a fundraising party. Here are some suggestions as to how to contact the different people on your list:         
          Email from Your Personal Page
Sending an email from your Personal Page is the easiest and most effective way to fundraise. Send a fundraising letter as an email to the people who are comfortable with computers. This is a great way to network because you can ask your donors to forward your email donation request to everyone they know.

Fundraising Party

A fundraising party is an effective way to increase your fundraising by bringing The Ride to life for your contributors. Your donors are more likely to sponsor you at a higher level once they have a better understanding of what The Ride is all about. Your contributors will discover what a huge commitment you are making and how their contributions will support Norton Cancer Institute.

Decide on the type, date and location of your party. Use your imagination or try one of the following: cookout, casino night, beer and pizza night, auction, poker night or golf outing.

Prepare for your fundraising get-together with a fundraising kit found online here. The kit contains everything you’ll need for a successful family-oriented party, from balloons and wristbands, to stickers and thank-you cards.

At your Fundraising Party, show The Ride to Conquer Cancer Orientation Video. It shows the spirit of the ride, and provides important information about where their donations will be going. After the video, pass out donation forms. Your invitees will be so inspired by your commitment that you are certain to get many donations on the spot. Fundraising parties are successful when they take place in a controlled environment where the guests can focus on the presentation. Nightclubs or busy restaurants don’t usually work well. Do not sell tickets to the event. Your guests will listen to the presentation thinking they have already contributed if they have purchased a ticket. Let your guests rise to the occasion and donate on their own. Be up front about the purpose of the party. Don’t take your guests by surprise.

Face-to-Face Meeting
For potential major contributors ($3,000, $4,000 or more), you will want to set up a face-to-face meeting. Don't be scared to ask for $3,000. If the donor cannot give that much, they may still be able give a portion of $3,000.

Fundraising Letter
This will be a letter that you type or handwrite and send in the regular mail. Use this method for people who do not have a computer and would appreciate the personal touch that this letter will give.

3. Your Personal Page

After you register, create your own Personal Page online on this website. On your Personal Page you can tell your story, post a photo, and request donations. When donors go to your page, they can read your donation request and donate right there online. Please encourage all of your donors to use the online system. It saves time and money, and your donations will be credited to your account immediately, instead of three weeks of processing time that paper donation forms require. Your Personal Page also automatically tracks your fundraising balance, so you and your donors can watch your progress. You can also view donation reports from your Personal Page or send out thank you emails.

4. Company Donation Matching Programs

Remind your sponsors to check with their Human Resources Department at work to see if their company has a matching gifts program. This is a great way to double your sponsor's contribution while helping their company gain visibility as a result of their charitable efforts.

Ask your company to support you. Talk to your boss or human resources director. Once you get the boss on board your co-workers will follow. Ask your company for a large corporate contribution or to match everything you raise. Will they sponsor a fundraising event? Will they publicize your Ride in the company newsletter? If there are four other Riders from work will they sponsor a corporate team?
Put up a chart of your training and fundraising progress. Put up a map of the route and auction off miles. Make a poster with a picture of you on your bike and attach pledge forms to it and post it on your door. Be creative.

Use email or inter-office memos (get permission). Ask if you can make a presentation during a staff meeting.

5. Hometown Press

Sharing your story with the media is a great way to bolster your fundraising campaign and raise awareness about the cause in your community. By participating in The Ride to Conquer Cancer, you’re making a bold statement that your community will want to know about.
Click here to learn more about the Hometown Press.

6. Expanding Your Giving Circle

Word of mouth is a great way to increase your fundraising. Give your friends and family extra donation forms to pass out and ask them to talk to people about the event and your participation in it. You’ll reach people you never even knew before.

7. Follow Up

If you haven’t received a response from someone you’ve asked for a donation from, be sure to follow up. Make a phone call or send a quick note to make sure that they haven’t forgotten your request. A good way to keep people involved in your adventure is to send an update newsletter or email. Keep your donors and potential donors informed of your fundraising and training progress. After the event, you may want to send out a newsletter or email with some photos, and an additional thank you for your donors’ support.

There are sample thank you letters in your Participant Center.
8. Donations Deadline
Make sure your donations are postmarked by August 28, 2009 in order to be credited to your total fundraising amount before the event. But you can keep fundraising online until the day before The Ride, September 24, 2009! You will also be able to hand in donations at the event itself.

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