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Ruben Borrego


ruben_borrego“Cancer runs rampant in my family… as a matter of fact we have a saying in our family that we invented cancer and hold the patent on it,” says cancer survivor Ruben Borrego. “I believe that by riding for cancer, we will help find a cure. I am proud to be a participant in The Ride to Conquer Cancer.”

Borrego found out he had cancer in May 2007 on a Field Biology Cruise to the Caribbean Islands where he was to perform some lab work. When he arrived in Miami, he noticed that his legs swelled up and he could not figure out why. After seeing a doctor upon return, he was diagnosed with stage four cancer of the lympnodes.

Having seen other family members deal with cancer in a heroic manner, Ruben was determined that his cancer was not going to beat him or slow him down. Determined to live a normal life, Borrego had treatments on Fridays and head to work on Saturdays. “Yes, the treatments would beat me up and wear me out, but I never gave in to the pain, nor did I ever let anyone feel sorry for me and/or how I was supposed to feel with cancer- I refused,” Borrego said. Borrego's cancer thankfully went into remission in December 2008.

Ruben is a Police Officer at Indiana University Southeast. He learned about The Ride from an Orientation session held at the university. The challenge of riding to conquer cancer resonated and he knew he had to participate. Ruben has raised an amazing $2120.00 so far, and is on his way to $2500.

Click here to hear from Ruben the secret to his success in fundraising.

Dana Dorr

dana_dorrWithout any experience fundraising large sums of money, Dana Dorr did not know what to expect when she registered for The Ride to Conquer CancerŪ benefiting Norton Cancer Institute. But Dorr did not waste any time and in just three weeks she had reached and surpassed her goal of $2,500.  

“I raised the money in only three weeks, mostly through a mass email,” Dorr said. “The goal is definitely attainable.”
Besides a mass email, Dorr also used Facebook and business cards to fundraise.

“I passed out business cards with my name and the ridetoconquercancer.org website to my co-workers,” Dorr said.

What if those ideas don’t work for me?

Don’t worry. Your Ride Guides have over 100 fundraising ideas you can choose from! With their help, you will be able to reach your goal in record time.

Dorr bumped her goal up to $3,500. She feels the amount is attainable and it goes to a great cause. Dorr lost her mother to cancer and wants to do something about it so others do not have the same fate.

“The proceeds stay local and Kentucky is one of the fastest growing populations with cancer,” Dorr said. “It needs to stop.”

Dorr’s advice?

“Don't be too overwhelmed with the $2500 requirement. You’ll be surprised with the support you'll receive once you put effort into fundraising.”

Select here for more great fundraising tips.

ky09_Bob Iliff

Bob Iliff  

Before Bob Iliff, 59, had cancer, he had another issue that led him into his love of bikes.

Ten years ago, Iliff was tipping the scales at 300 lbs. It was time he dieted and eventually lost 45 lbs. But, he had hit a plateau and started mountain biking then started road biking on his LeMond Zurich to break his 255 slump. It worked and his appreciation for bikes grew.

“I started to build bikes for a hobby,” Iliff said. “I have seven bikes now. I sold one and had one stolen.”

Mountain biking through the Kentucky Bluegrass didn’t last long. In mid 2007, Iliff was diagnosed with Stage 1 Esophageal Cancer and had an esopagectomy. He was unable to ride after the surgery.

Iliff’s bike luck changed when he went to his one year check-up Oct. 25.

“The Dr. said I had better not fall down,” Iliff said. “But, he didn’t say I couldn’t ride!”

Iliff is now involved in the Livestrong program for cancer survivors at his local YMCA. He also started riding his bike again last June and has a trainer three times a week for three months.

“I am getting back in shape slowly,” Iliff said.

He hopes that by riding he can give back to Norton Cancer Institute for all their help.

“I had got a lot of support from the Norton Cancer Institute from a very good therapist and I would like to pay back the Institute and her,” Iliff said. “And I hope I will be in good enough condition in Sept. I believe I will and I am looking forward to it.”

Iliff’s wife, who he calls his guardian angel, and his family have helped him every step of the way and they will continue to help as he participates in The Ride to Conquer Cancer.

“So far I have been a success story,” Iliff said. “I want to continue that and I feel this would be a great way to prove it.”

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