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The funds you raise through The Ride to Conquer Cancer will generate the support necessary to ensure that everyone in our community who needs cancer care will find the help they need at Norton Cancer Institute.

Most likely you’re not used to riding all day, then waking up the next morning and doing it again. So we’ll help you get ready to do just that! We’ll organize Training Rides in different areas and terrains which vary in difficulty from beginner to experienced Rider. We’ll also have Orientation sessions where you’ll learn more about bike basics in case you’ve never changed a bike tire or want to know the difference between a road, recumbent, hybrid, and mountain bike. Another important aspect of training for The Ride is learning how to properly fuel your body through proper nutrition and hydration. So once you sign up for The Ride, you’ll receive a Ride Manual with information on eating and drinking right, tracking your training progress, and stretching to keep your body limber. Last but not least, you can always call your coaches when you have questions webimage_tunnel_blkabout how to physically prepare for The Ride. They’ll be able to provide you with one-on-one advice and guidance to ensure achievement of your goals.

Your Ride to Conquer Cancer Personal Page is a great fundraising tool that lets you put the power of the worldwide web to work. It’s a fantastic way to share your journey with family and friends, talk about what you're doing and why you're doing it, and raise even more money for charity. It’s also fast, free, and easy to do. You can post a personalized greeting and your photo, check your donations up-to-the-minute, and more. For more information about your Personal Page, please call us at and we can even set up your Personal Page for you!

A fundraising party is an effective way to increase your fundraising by bringing The Ride to life for your contributors. Your donors are more likely to sponsor you at a higher level once they have a better understanding of what The Ride is all about. Dollars raised through The Ride are vital, that’s why your commitment to raise at least $2,500 in order to ride is essential. But don’t worry! Whether this is your first time fundraising, or you’re an old pro, we’ll help you reach and exceed your goals because we’re out to beat cancer together.  Once you sign up for The Ride, you’ll receive a Ride Manual where you’ll learn how to ask for donations and how to keep track of your fundraising progress. You’ll also have your very own personalized webpage on The Ride website where you can post your photo, tell your story, and then email the link to your Personal Page to your donors so they can donate to you online!  Once you are a Rider, we’ll give you all the tools you need and we’ll be there for you the whole way. That’s our promise. 

Your contributors will discover what a huge commitment you are making and how their contributions will support Norton Cancer Institute.

Your safety is our number one priority. Every detail of the event is studied and executed with the greatest of care. We don’t take chances when it comes to your safety. To ensure that safety is first in your mind as well as ours, all participants attend a mandatory safety video presentation. It is informative, inspiring, and thorough. Whatever information you need to keep yourself and the group safe is covered here.

You’ll never be far away from medical attention at any point along the route, should you need it. We have an incredible team of Volunteer doctors and other medical professionals at Camp and Pit Stops along the route. No matter what ails you, you’re always cared for.

Crew Members support the Riders in a service capacity on The Ride. They train for their assignment during the months leading up to the event and travel with the Riders during the Ride, staying in The Ride campsite overnight. Each Crew Member is required to pay a registration fee, but are not required to fundraise. However, they are encouraged to do so and receive the same fundraising tools as our riders.

Out on the road, regular Pit Stops line the route every 15-20 miles, stocked with water, sports drinks, high-energy snacks, and other good things to keep you going as you peddle to conquer cancer. We also provide toilet facilities at Pit Stops and other key locations along the route.

We'll transport your luggage to Camp, leaving you free to focus on your journey. Just drop off your gear at the specially marked truck in the morning on Saturday. Then pick it up at Camp that night. It’s that simple.

If for any reason at all, you don’t feel you can or should finish the day’s distance, there will be ample transportation to Camp. Just flag down a Sweep vehicle. The bottom line is that we want The Ride to be safe and enjoyable for you. We will do everything possible to make that happen.

After a long day’s journey, you’ll settle into your comfortable, Ride-provided tent. But before you hit the hay, you can enjoy all the amenities available in your new home away from home, webimage_backwheel_blkincluding showers, dinner, and an evening of entertainment. You'll also have free access to medical attention and massage services.

In addition to a bagged lunch, you’ll get a delicious, hot, catered breakfast and dinner while on the event. We have delicious, nutritious meals specially designed to keep you fueled for the miles ahead.


We start with a ceremony to remember those lost to cancer, and to honor those fighting on.  Opening Ceremonies is a time to reflect on your reason for riding and celebrate the amazing accomplishment you’ve already achieved.  After the ceremonies, you’ll depart with thousands of your fellow Riders full on your two-day conquest.