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The Ride to Conquer Cancer would not be possible without the all-volunteer Crew. Crew are truly the backbone of the event. They are our bike mechanics, bike parkers, and road crew. They are our route guides, they install route signage, and they even distribute food and drinks along the route and turn an empty field in a camp site. There are so many diverse roles a Crew Member can take on, and it is our Crew that truly brings the event to life.

Registering as a Crew Member is a great way to make a difference and use your biking expertise to help others.  While you don’t have to know a lot about cycling to be a Crew Member, we are always looking for Crew with a background in long distance riding.

When you serve as a Crew Member on The Ride, you will put yourself through an endurance test, but you will be rewarded in ways that you’ve never imagined. You never feel like you count so much as when you’re being counted on this much.

Each Crew Member is required to pay a registration fee. Crew Members are not required to fundraise, but they are strongly encouraged to raise a minimum of $500 so that will be able to invest even more money into cancer care.

When registering as a Crew Member, it is important to remember that the positions can be strenuous and physically demanding. For the success and safety of our event and its participants, it is crucial that you are comfortable with this. As a Crew Member, you'll attend the entire event in a service capacity, but you will not participate in The Ride itself.

The Crew will receive the same support and fundraising advice as our Riders. Crew Members should always feel free to call our Ride Guides at for fundraising advice and pep talks. Crew Members are the foundation of The Ride, so we want to make sure they have all the support they need.

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